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A picture is worth a thousand words – the age old adage we’ve all heard before and there is truth to it. We write. We ponder, and then we write again – as many words as it takes to convince you of the quality of our handcrafted pieces. But pictures truly do justice to our products in the end, instilling confidence where others may falter. Having better pictures is an absolute minimum, and not just product shots but a variety of still life and street-style / life style shots. We’ve always held ourselves to a high standard at Monsieur Fox, capturing the true essence of our products through timeless photography. Elegance in photography as we’ve come to think of it, something we are intensely passionate about. As a truly online gateway, we’d like to share the philosophy of our visuals and how it all fits with our brand ethos.


A photographer’s arsenal of equipment featured here. To take the best looking professional shots, your equipment needs to be top of the line. 

Product Shots:

These are a given. We do our best to get all the angles and provide unique perspectives. For example, providing a shot of how our pocket square sits in your breast pocket would give perspective on intended use. Details are also crucial in our shots. We’d like to show off those hand rolled edges, fabric weave, printing, and anything else that boasts the quality of the piece. Generally, these shots are taken inside against a simple white (or other high contrast) backdrop. Altogether, this forms a good set of shots that breathe some life into the product.


Some of our product shots for ties featured above. 

Still Life Shots:

Things can get a little more interesting here. You get a chance to play with composition, lighting, and background. The key is to balance everything out to achieve an image that truly captures the product’s aura. Say you’re getting dressed in the morning and you throw out your suit over the bed, surrounding it with possible ties, shirts, and pocket squares. This is a very real scenario for many in the morning so capturing a still life shot of this scene would be a great balance of all three typical details (of still life shots). Don’t forget, you’re not stuck inside here. Outdoor shots can add a lot more background character and are encouraged.


Our Koi Fish pocket square collection and TBD Eyewear collaboration are featured in this still life shot. 

Street Style / Lifestyle Shots:

Now we’re talking! Our personal favorite is street style photography. These shots truly capture a real life subject in their day-to-day hustle. Cigar in hand, strolling towards the Fortezza de Baso or walking down Fifth Avenue to catch an exhibition at the Met – each captivating visual captures elegance in motion and garb. Writing and speaking of sprezzatura only goes so far. Seeing is believing after all.


A great lifestyle shot showcasing our linen pocket square and summer cotton tie.

Equipment & Pro Tips:

Using a DSLR camera allows for the most professional looking shots. Not to be undone, your phone camera is another option. We opt for more professional photography with the DSLR but in the right conditions, a phone camera can capture great images. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Taking great shots with your phone camera requires good lighting and stabilization. Natural lighting is best so try and stay close to large windows indoors when shooting. Avoid direct sunlight as this can be too harsh and cause exposure issues. Pick up an inexpensive phone tripod like the Gorilla Pod Mobile to avoid any blurring caused from shaking.
  • Use a different app for shooting instead of the default camera option. Options can be very limited with the phone’s standard software so third party apps can bring out the best in your camera. Camera+ is a great app for the iPhone allowing you to harness the true capabilities of your camera.
  • For post processing, the default option can sometimes limit you from touching up the shots. It’s best to try it first before finding any third party apps, as you may need to buy them. A great free app is Adobe Photoshop Express. Not quite the full repertoire of the desktop version, but still more effective than the camera’s built-in option.
  • For a total walkthrough on phone camera photography, check out this fantastic post on Shopify.


A great setup featured here using a Blackberry phone camera and a professional grade tripod.

Our First Collaboration: TBD Eyewear x Monsieur Fox

Peach Madder

Respect. We’d like to think it’s earned and never given, easily lost in the blink of an eye if not maintained. We’ve worked hard to keep ours, earning more but losing some along the way. We’ve designed, crafted, and sold objects of desire for sartorialists – many with much success and others utter failure. Perfection has been our motivation, from our handmade Italian ties with hand-rolled edges to pocket squares with intricate prints – using fabrics sourced all across Italy and the UK. The art of dressing well is in the details, and we’ve obsessed over them – to earn respect among our peers and the admiration of our fans.
TBD eyewear

The next step for us is to offer more than just accessories. It’s been our goal to build a brand that is the epitome of elegance, and achieving that means moving forward. From our bi-annual trips to Pitti Uomo, we’ve connected with suppliers, craftsmen and influencers alike. Many like us on a similar path and others applauding our accolades from afar, all people we call our friends today. One of our friends just happens to be Fabio Attanasio of The Bespoke Dudes menswear blog, and also founder of his namesake eyewear brand. Crafting expertly handmade eyewear in the heart of Italy, TBD (as it’s affectionately called) eyewear are proud of their artisanal craftsmanship and rich Italian heritage which goes into each and every frame produced. Just like Monsieur Fox, TBD are obsessive over the minor details putting quality above all else – and Fabio would have it no other way. Uniquely creative yet classically shaped, the frames incorporate a contemporary twist giving them a patented look.

Peach Madder 2





We have been, and still are, big fans of the brand – as they are of Monsieur Fox. With mutual respect and love for each other’s brand, a collaboration was born. After obsessing over the details and perfecting the color combination, we couldn’t be happier with the result. A beautiful pair of champagne frames complemented by rich tobacco lenses, polarized for added protection. A perfect harmony of colors for the summer of you. Creatively designed and handcrafted in Italy, this exclusive colorway embodies our collective brands and we hope these limited edition shades find their way into your collection.

 TBD glasses

Simple Summer Suiting

There have been many before and many after us to talk to you about the staples of men’s dress- it’s 2016, we get it, you’ve heard it all. We’re not here to ring that same proverbial bell again. However, we can’t for a second ignore the versatility of the classic blue and grey suit – they’re staples for a reason. As summer approaches, we understand dressing well for work, weddings and whatever reason you’re required to not wear shorts, would suggest your clothing competes with the heat. Here’s a little tidbit on dressing well, in the summertime, broken down, with some footnotes for those who need some technical explanation.

Simple Summer Suiting (1 of 4)Simple Summer Suiting (2 of 4)

Lightweight Only:

Fabric isn’t the only thing keeping you cool. The actual weight of the garment will dictate the breathability and sweat levels you may experience… Or not. Ask about unstructured jackets, and quarter linings.


You’ve got the linen and cotton blends going well, sure, but ask about high twist and open weave wools.This keeps things appropriately formal, without begging the question, “Isn’t this too casual for work?”


This is always up for debate, and every blog, expert, magazine to tailor will have slightly different versions – ignore them and do this. After wearing your jacket, turn it inside out and pull your sleeves out with it. Hang it on the same suit hanger you normally use and hang it outside (weather permitting, of course).

All in all, you’re looking for comfort – style comes secondary. But when clothing is made with purpose, the two seamlessly go hand in hand.

Simple Summer Suiting (3 of 4)Simple Summer Suiting (4 of 4)

*Monsieur Fox Circus Collection Pocket Square / Suiting from The Gallantry / Footwear Christian Kimber & Carmina Shoemaker


1. High twist means what you think it does. The wool, is essentially spun into string, the tighter it’s spun, the easier it is to weave into, you guessed it – an open weave. Literally meaning, if you could imagine an basket, perforated for air flowing goodness. Basketweave is also a term to be acquainted with – that too means what you think it

2. Unstructured garments are made with less material. In Essence, the guts of the jacket are minimal, and in well made pieces, sewn together, not glued (fused).

3. The inside of any jacket can come with lining throughout the back. From top to bottom – fully lined and just a quarter of the jacket, you guessed it – quarter lined. Many summer jackets come unlined, but we like a bit of lining to help with the drape (how it lays on your body).

4. There are hangers, and then there are THESE from Hanger Project. THE best.

A look into: Atte Rytkönen

Atte Rytkönen, DresslikeA

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Monsieur Fox & The Arab Watch Guide


Watches and pocket squares, does it get any better? Take a visual stroll with myself and Arab Watch Guide as we take 10 of the top watches from the Seddiqi Group. Featuring our a range of our pocket squares and watches such as the Richard Mille Mancini, The Lange & Soehne Moonphase, The F.P Journe Chronometre Resonance and many more. Enjoy!

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A look into: Kamau Hosten

Kamau Hosten, Monsieur Fox

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Light Layers: How To Wear a Summer Scarf

The summer scarf: the perfect sartorial accoutrement, even as the mercury rises. Lightweight fabric blends, bold prints and bright hues make it accessible for more relaxed weekend terrain, additionally, a tonal ensemble or one with high-contrast textures and colors are just the right choice for daily and city wear, too. At Monsieur Fox, we’re firm believers that versatility is essential to a well-dressed gent. So we’ve put together some ideas for how to effectively appropriate this seasonal wardrobe staple. Take a look:

M Fox Scarf Silk

[From Left to Right]

Texture with a pop of color. The perfect weekend wear for a chilly evening out.

High contrast. Add some levity to your power suit.

An effortless blend. Complimentary tones are ideal for summer.

You can find our Summer Floral scarf HERE

A Day in the Big Apple 

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New York, New York!

This Saturday, August 15, 2015, marks yet another foray into the Big Apple. Join us for an exclusive rooftop mixer with the team from Cesar Renuan for a celebration of style and craftsmanship. Come shop some of the latest Monsieur Fox products and the Cesar Renuan team will be doing on-site fittings for Fall/Winter orders.

monsieur fox, trunkshow, newyork
Thanks to our event organizers GQ Insider Brandon Bryant from the men’s fashion blog WallStreet.Paper and Sam White.

Click here to reserve your spot!

See you on Saturday!

A Word With: Andreas Weinås


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